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Our Mission

We do our best to help others

  • We help investors realize the power of asset-based investing.

  • We help home owners gain freedom from their troubled situations.

  • We help home seekers with creative acquisitions.


Our System

Black Brick Investing is all about helping investors and home owners.  We have a proven system that allows us to do both.

Many of our properties are ‘distressed.’  Distressed does not mean it is a bad house, it just means that some life situation has occurred and the house needs some TLC.  They may need some maintenance or the home owner’s situation may be distressed.

Many of our houses come from home owners that do not have time to put their house on the market using a real estate agent.  We help home owners that are in one of the four “d’s” of life: death, disease, divorce or disaster.  We know that these home owners are having a rough time and do our best to care for them by taking the burden of a non-performing asset off their hands.

What this means to you as an investor:

Number one, you can feel good about using your money to help others.  Many of these homes could not be bought through traditional banking.

Number two, it means your money is safer.  We buy houses below market value so that there is equity in the deal the moment we buy.  This equity means that your money is tied to an asset that is worth more than the money you invested.

Basically, we buy these houses below market value, fix them up and resell them.  As an investor, your money is used to help distressed owners out of their situations in life and help new home owners find a house that may have sat in red tape and disrepair for years.


How To Get Started


  • Meet with on of our professionals to get to know us.  Together we will determine a good fit.
  • Our team will go over our process and introduce you to our system.


  • Once we have decided we’re a good fit together we will meet to talk about our funding requirements and options.
  • You will receive a new investor’s packet that will help you understand how your investment is cared for.

Step 4: INVEST

  • Once you are ready, we find a deal that suits your needs. You decide if this opportunity meets your goals.
  • We complete the deal, give you a copy of all documentation and you start receiving checks.


“Lyle Leads”
Senior Acquisition Specialist

a.k.a Chief Real Estate Solutions Officer
Email: lyle@blackbrickinvestments.com

Tirzah Huddlestun
Senior Accounting Specialist

a.k.a Chief Wealth Architect
Email: tirzah@blackbrickinvestments.com

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